Nutrition Services by Ai

HI all,

One day last week, while me and some other soccer mums from our kid's school were waiting for the kiddos to finish soccer practice, one of the mums and I got talking about nutrition for her family.

After a few minutes of dialogue, it occured to me that this mummy, and probably many of the parents and community around me, don't know what I do- as a dietitian.

I think perhaps people think that "dietitians" are old ladies in lab coats who write diets.

A quick google search later, and low and behold, guess what I find.....?! See pic.

OK, so maybe I got the "old" part wrong. The pictures found by google are all lovely looking ladies, quite young actually, wearing lab coats, surrounded by fruits and veges. (Side note: They are also all caucasian looking.) As a layperson, from the pictures alone, I would also think that this health professional would be a lab coat wearing "diet giver" with a clip board.

So.... maybe I don't fit the profile.... I don't wear lab coats, I am not caucasian, however I AM young (in spirit). I am a denim short wearing Asian looking female with the same professional title.

But that still doesn't tell you what I actually do, does it?

Well, The Phuket Dietitian does many things! I love to be on the go, and moving around from place to place, so a brick and mortar clinic just isn't me anymore! If you want to see me, I will meet you out- at a Cafe, your place of work or in the comfort of your own home- to do your nutrition consult.

While I am able to "write you a diet", it's not the only thing I do, and it's not actually what I tend to do.

In my consult, I will get to know YOU and your lifestyle, and how you became to be in your current health status, taking in consideration:

- your health/medical conditions, medications and supplements

- your current knowledge of both health and nutrition topics relevant to your lifestyle

- your health goals

Using this info, I will teach you how and give you a good understanding and foundation of what's going on with your health, and give you the tools so you can manage it nutritionally.

As the saying goes "GIve a man/woman a diet......."

So that's HOW I operate.

But this is what I actually do. I made a poster! What do you think?

Drop me a line, if you have any questions.

Dietitian Nutrition Services

Scope of Services

Nutrition for Health and Wellness

Sports Nutrition: Pre/post event nutrition, nutrition for training, bulking up, weight management

Healthy eating for families and individuals, Fussy eating

Vegetarian/Vegan diet education and management

Food Intolerance investigation and management

Food Allergy Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating

Women's Health: Pre and Post Natal, Menopause, PCOS and Hormonal disturbances

Chronic Disease Management

Weight Management and Diabetes