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impaired glucose tolerance & diabetes

Being told you are Pre-Diabetic or Diabetic can be an overwhelming experience. 

There is so much information to comprehend in such as short period of time: what to eat, how much carbs, which are "good" and which are "bad".

All the different medications or injections, how much, how often, what are they even for, what are the side effects?

Often there is not enough time to get through all this information in your specialists consultation.

A dietitian is able to guide you to better manage your blood sugar levels (BSLs) through adjustments to diet and exercise which can lead to a non-reliance of medications or a decrease in the dose of medications.


As a diabetes educator and dietitian, Ai is specially trained to work with new and existing diabetes patients (Type 1 and 2) to guide you through understanding of the diagnosis and care plan going forward. She is able to explain all the jargon in easy to understand language, what each medication does and how this interacts with your diet and effects your blood sugars.


Beyond food, Ai is able to guide you with how to further care for yourself in relation to avoiding diabetes complications such as neuropathy in your eyes and feet, cardiovascular complications and how to manage your blood sugars in the longer term.

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