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vegetarian diets

A decision to be vegan or vegetarian can be for many reasons, some health related or some religious or for animal rights. 


A vegetarian diet can be the healthiest diet to defy aging and illnesses but to some new at the game, can be overwhelming and when done wrong, can have adverse health effects. 


Ai can help to give you a full nutritional assessment of your current diet in relation to your health status. She gives a comprehensive education and plan to any newbies who may ask for more information regarding sustaining a healthful vegetarian diet and how to eat in a balanced manner without feeling deprived or hungry or even nutritionally deficient. 


Vegetarian health education can be extremely beneficial to younger people who have just made the decision to live a vegetarian lifestyle and this helps them to understand how to eat the right nutrients in order to sustain their development and stage of growth and life phase. 

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