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Top Nutrition Tips for swimming competitions

It really pains me to see kids at swim comps who are just not ready for their big day of swimming.

Often they haven't eaten breakfast, or the food and drinks they eat during the day is just well.... not going to help them with performing their best!

I see kids eating fish strings (to be honest, I don't really know if there is any fish in it, but I do know they are packed with salt and MSG), candies, Oreo cookies, potato chips.... all by 7.40am just after the warm up. It sends me up in arms!!

And then, the kids are so tired by the end of the day, by the last race... which is often the relay race, and they just can't perform.

So here is what I developed for the school team, and I am also sharing it with you! Hope it's helpful.

If you would like personalised nutrition strategies, especially for your growing teen who plays a lot of sports and is growing like a weed, drop me a line and I can help write a plan to suit your child's training schedule, so that she/he can train and perform at his best, and also facilitate healthy growth and development.

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