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Corporate Nutrition

Increase Your Employee Productivity By Providing Nutrition Advice

Savvy, pro-active employers and government departments alike realise the benefits of having healthy employees.

By encouraging and promoting a healthy lifestyle amongst staff, an employer can vastly increase not only productivity of their employees, but also their loyalty.

Increased loyalty leads to less staff turnover, decreasing the costs of hiring and training new staff, and therefore greatly affecting the bottom line – profitability. Employees are human beings; and they suffer from the effects of stressful and unhealthy lifestyles. Many employers think that this is ‘not their problem’, yet when these effects lead to increased sick days, decreased productivity, lethargy and increased staff turn overs, it becomes a concern. By encouraging a healthier lifestyle among your employees you will avoid many of these negatives and increase productivity.

Your workers will appreciate your interest in them, and they will be more inclined to work harder and stay with your company longer. A happy and healthy employee is worth his or her weight in gold.

There are many ways to promote a healthy lifestyle within your company; from incentives to quit smoking, organizing fun runs or outdoor days, providing simple gym facilities for employees to use during lunch breaks.

However the best starting point is always education and awareness; and that’s where a qualified dietitian comes in.

What can a nutritionist do for you and your company?

Ai Jerome, an accredited dietitian, nutritionist, diabetic educator and corporate nutritionist from Sydney Nutrition, will come in to your business and give fun and educational talks to your employees to explain the importance of health in the workplace. Ai will:

  • explain how unhealthy lifestyles lead to tiredness and stress

  • explain how your staff can improve their immune systems so that they do not get sick so often

  • give tips on healthy eating and snacking for energy and increased productivity

  • explain the best ways to add iron to your diet for a healthy immune system and increased energy levels

Why are your employees so tired?

Perhaps they have uncontrolled blood sugars, sleep apnea or are anaemic. These, and other conditions can be treated – often simply with a change of diet – and a corporate nutritionist can actually change lives, as well as increasing productivity and profitability in your business. Remember, your employees do not like feeling tired and stressed. Many would love to be more energetic and productive.

The good-will that can come from some good advice provided through the care and concern of a good employer to kick-start them in the right direction can lead to loyalty from your staff, and a feeling of real team spirit – which any business owner knows is priceless.

Provide incentives for them to change – and see the benefits your company will enjoy. Take action and arrange a group session with an accredited nutritionist and dietitian from Sydney Nutrition today. The return on your investment is incalculable.

Ai Jerome conducts educational seminars and health risk assessments to small groups and company staff on various nutrition topics, including: Nutrition 101, Weight Loss Management, Fad Diets and Other Diet Myths, How To Boost Energy Levels and Health, General Healthy Eating, Family Nutrition, Muscle Building: to Shake or not to Shake? – Healthy AND Tasty Cooking, Staff Nutrition Training, Sports Nutrition, Deciphering Food Labelling, Supermarket Tours, Healthy Shopping, as well as consulting on Restaurant/Canteen Menu, Recipe and Healthy Menu Development, and Aged Care and Nursing Homes visits.

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