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Review: Game Changers- The Netflix movie. Is it really a game changer?

Have you watched this film yet? There has been a buzz of interest around this film and many people have asked me what my thoughts are on this film.

I think the film is a huge success. Why? Well..... If you can ignore all the cherry-picked pseudoscience sensationalist reporting (and there is so much of it in there!), I think the film does a good job in convincing people that:

- YES! You CAN get enough protein from vegetarian sources! Even if you're an athlete.

- YES! We should be Eating LOTS more VEGETABLES and fruits, it's so good for you!!

- YES! Plant based diets can be GREAT for maintaining a healthy blood pressure, healthy weight, helpful to your cardiovascular health too!

- YES!! Plant based diets are much better for our planet!

As for the cherry-picked pseudoscience sensationalist reporting... well there was quite a bit of it throughout the film. And if you want to know more about how poor some of these "sciencey facts" were, please take a moment to consider this article from a Professor in Sports Nutrition Science and a 21-times Ironman who has gone over the doco 3 times.

And if you want to know if there was any bias in the film.... well get this: James Cameron (Executive Producer) is the Founder and CEO of a pea protein company with the goal of becoming “the largest pea protein fractionation facility in North America.” And, some of the data they used was funded by the Avocado Industry.

I love Plant based diets, in fact- I am trying to move me and family towards being more plant based every single day. Do I still eat meat? Yes, I do. Is meat bad? Nutritionally, no it is not. You can be super healthy and active and perform at your peak being an omnivore AND a herbivore. You just gotta know how....

If you would like to find out more about how to move towards Plant-Based Eating for you and your family, come to my workshops or send me an email to find out more.

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