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Accredited Dietitian & Nutritionist of Australia

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Ai Jerome - Dietitian (APD) Services -  2021
Specialising in - Eating Disorder, - Food intolerance & - Irritable Bowel Syndrome and - D
Eating Disorder
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Get Started: 2 week Low FODMAP Diet eBook

Flat Belly Wellness : Low FODMAP diet

Food Intolerance
Ai Jerome, Dietitian

About me

Vegetarian and Vegan Diets

Vegetarian and Vegan Diets

Beat Pre Diabetes and Diabetes

Diabetes- Gain control of your blood sugars

Nourish with Ai 2019 Nov
Meal Planner - download

Meal Planner - Download

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Sports Nutrition - Nutrition for active kids- w

Sports Nutrition for competition and performance

Wellbeing Retreat with me

4 day Wellness Retreat to nourish you to your health goal

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Nourish yourself with one-to-one Nutrition Consultations

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Hong Kong Sourdough Workshop

Food and Nutrition Workshops

Plant based eating Workshop  with rachna
Sports nutrition - Race strategies

Nutrition: Training & Race Strategies

Kim Chi recipe- Just for you! I made thi


Beat Diabetes

Glucose Intolerance and Diabetes

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Sports Dietitian, Sports Nutrition

Sports Dietitian - Achieve your athletic goal with a Sports Nutrition Plan


I like to keep things beautifully simple, and have a practical and no fuss approach to food and lifestyle. While I have loved the idea of fancy superfoods, fad diet words and the magic bullet……my passion for fuss-free living and an evidence based approach have taught me that keeping it simple and straight forward is not only more effective, but also cheaper, easier, and sustainable.

I love to cook and share the eating and food experience with my family+friends. I believe that everyone should too, no matter what your health goal is, life is too short to not enjoy every single mouthful you nourish your body with.


Trained and accredited in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Eating Disorders, Diabetes Management, Food Service, Sports Dietitian, Sports Nutrition, Accredited Anthropometrist (ISAK Level 1)

– Ai Jerome

Location: Sydney, Australia

contact @ NourishwithAi . com

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