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consultant services

Ai uses her knowledge of nutrition and her passion for delicious fresh food, to create delicious and practical plans and menus, complete with nutrition evaluation and training of catering staff for the implementation into your hotel, spa, private yacht or facility such as aged care/nursing homes and schools. 

In these modern times, it is not uncommon for clientele to have special dietary requirements such as food allergies or intolerances or conditions. Menus are nutritionally  tailored to meet any dietary requirement in a sustainable and practical manner. 

Hotels, spas and private kitchens

Specific menus for special diets such as the health conscious, vegan, coeliac, allergen free and nutritionally balanced meals. 

Menus for Institutions: e.g. Aged care facilities, clinics, school menus. 


In institutions such as schools/boarding/aged care facilities, there is a duty of care which is entrusted in the facility to provide nourishing meals to meet the needs of who are experiencing big changes in nutritional requirements due to:

  • change in hormones and puberty

  • huge increases in growth and development

  • Demands from sport and training

  • special disease states

  • texturised or special diets such as high energy/high protein diets for clients with swallowing and chewing difficulties (thickened fluids/puree/soft etc)

  • Enteral nutriton 



For students who attend a school on a day only basis, a student relies on the school menu to provide 50-70% of the meals/nutritional intake for the day. For students/patients attending a boarding facility, the student relies on the institution to provide 100% of the nutritional requirements in their day for entire terms or semesters.



In order to avoid possible nutrient deficiencies and related health implications, it is important for a catering facility to be able to provide the right mix in nutrients to cater to such a wide population of individuals with different nutritional requirements.

In order to ensure your new menu is used correctly and to its fullest potential, Ai implements nutrition education to kitchen or catering staff and clients alike so that your new menu is rolled out seamlessly into your establishment.

Nutrition consultant services can be extremely beneficial to any establishment has to feed individuals or groups such as:

  • Children, such as in daycare facilities, schools, boarding houses, hotels

  • Special diets or specific dietary requirements such as:

    • Food allergies, nut, shellfish etc, multiple allergies

    • Food intolerances such as gluten free/coeliac

    • FODMAP

    • Paleo/Macrobiotic/raw

    • Low chemical/detox

    • Elimination diets

    • Diabetic diets

    • Heart health

    • Wellness

    • Vegetarian/vegan

  • Pregnancy

  • Immunocompromised such as patients recieving chemotherapy

  • Weightloss and muscle gain/exercise or event recovery

  • Pre- and Post- surgical nutrition and rehabilitation including gastric banding/sleeves, texture modification

  • Aged care


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