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Calendar download: free. Planning is the key to success.

With the launch of my new Retreat in Phuket with 3 other fantastic health practitioners - Karine (fitness), Renata (Yoga) and Ellen (Health/Life Coach) and a recent work trip to Hong Kong on top of all my other stuff, I have just been drowning in To-Do Lists, overscheduling myself with meetings +nutrition consults + family commitments.

In my quest to stay organised, I have been making a few resources to keep me (and my clients) organised.

Check back here for more handy *printable* resources to stay organised, so that you can stay on top of it all, so that you can keep your health in check!

Coming soon: Shopping lists, recipes and the 2020 calendar for download. (Yes, I said 2020..... it's just around the corner...!)

Here is the a wall calendar for November for you, so you can keep track of events, to do's, birthdays and deliveries!

If you like this and you're looking for December, here you are!

If you're wanting to know more about mt Upcoming retreat in November, please check out the

website: or drop me an email!

KARE Retreat Team- Fab ladies

KARE retreat poster

Nourish your Mind Body and SOUL

If you're wanting to know more about my Upcoming retreat in November

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